We Care Tree Sponsors

Sponsored multiple We Care trees and collected gifts for members of the community.

Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, Davidson Excavating collected food, water, and other supplies and drove to Texas to help with disaster relief. 

Western Schools

Sponsor Western School athletic games to help financially support the team as well as advertising in school publications. 

Relay For Life

Put together a team and raised funds in memory of Randy Kindig, Project Manager at Davidson Excavating.

Town of Russiaville
Donated the new pavilion in the park for organized events and community members.


Russiaville Summer Fest

Davidson Excavating has donated time and resources into running the Russiaville Summer Fest for the past 8 years.

Russiaville Youth Baseball, Russiaville Girls Softball
Davidson Excavating has sponsored many teams over the past years.